Face Painting Revelation

Face Painting of a Balerina Dancing in the Snow - Special Request

Yes really. This weekend I had a face painting revelation. Not a face painter by trade I was a little nervous when a friend of mine asked me to paint faces at a party this last Saturday. However, since most of those wanting to get their faces brightened with paint would be kids I figured “Hey! How bad can it be”.
Of course I did research and found designs for beginning face painters, bought official face paint and ended up doing a decent job. What revelation did this provide me for my creative life as an artist? It was a simple but profound lesson. I am way too uptight abought the art I produce on a day to day basis.
When painting faces, most people where happy with the simplest things, things that meant something to them and that they could identify with. Also, as long as they could recognize it, it did not have to be perfect, and we all had fun. These are lessons I need to apply to my own art.
Three keys being less uptight about the creative process:
  1. Relax
  2. Have fun
  3. Paint things that have personal meaning to me
Even the adults where having fun getting stuff painting on them. It was cool.

Painted Arm - Wine Bottle - Special Request

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